American Eagle


Eliminate your blinding with the glide-X additive

Working with material suppliers and chemists, we have over the years helped to develop many proprietary materials for all types of applications.


Using equipment specifically designed and engineered for this cutting-edge technology, Glide-X is homogeneously blended throughout the urethane itself, allowing the familiar slick surface of open-cast urethane to be always present, even after wear.

We offer screens in a variety of durometers and designs to best serve the needs of your specific application.

Belt Tech also proudly distributes the following American Eagle products: 

  • TEMA™ style replacement Screens
  • Pin and leg screens
  • Flip flow screens
  • Urethane tensioned screens
  • Frethane “T” Bars
  • Eagle spray bar shield
  • Deister® replacement accessories
  • Tension rails
  • Screen bolt protectors
  • Classifier Flight Shoes
  • Urethane Magnetic liner
  • Bumper Board Liner
  • Replacement canoe liners
  • Eagle impact Liner panel
  • Modular Impact panels
  • Urethane sheet

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