Belt Tech Inc., Purchasing Policies

To:             Belt Tech Inc. Vendors

From:        Chris Hatfield – VP of BD/Distribution/CSS

Date:         November 17, 2023

On behalf of Belt Tech, Inc. (“Belt Tech”), I would like to thank you for your dedicated partnership and support in our efforts to expand our company and maximize our availability to take care of our customers. With our growth over the last year, we have had to evaluate our internal policies and procedures to ensure that we are maximizing all efforts in a manner that is consistent with our growth. 

Premises considered, below are our “updated” Purchasing Policies that are EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Approved purchase orders will be submitted to the applicable vendor via email from only one of the following Belt Tech team members: Accounting Manager, VP of Distribution, or CEO.
  3. If a purchase order is submitted to a vendor from anyone other than those persons listed above in line 2, the purchase order will be considered NULL and VOID.
  4. If an order is shipped to any Belt Tech location without the appropriate approvals, Belt Tech will not be held accountable or liable for the related delivery. 

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at

Thank You,

Chris Hatfield